• Wholesale Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L USM fish-eye

Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L USM fish-eye

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The main performance

• positioning of the lens: 135mm full frame lens

• Lens Usage: fisheye

• Lens Type: Zoom

• Lens mount: Canon EF mount

• Zoom: telescopic lens

• Filter size: 67mm

• Drive motor: USM

• Hood: EW-77

Optical parameters

• maximum aperture: F4.0

• Minimum Aperture: F22

• Number of diaphragm blades: 7 (1/2 aperture)

• The focus range :8-15mm

• Closest focusing distance: 0.15m

• Maximum magnification: 0.34x

Other parameters

• Other Features: Note: Although this product has a waterproof performance drops, but if shooting in the rain, try not to wet the product.

• Lens diameter: 79mm

• The lens length: 83mm

• Lens Weight: 540g

• Features: EF lens was first introduced to the L-level fish-eye zoom lens for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. In the perspective of the end of the maximum wide-angle 8mm 35mm full frame calculated in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions are approximately 180 °. Different image sensor size and focal length can be distinguished using imaging for the circumference of the circle fish-eye and imaging the ordinary four corners of the screen diagonal fish-eye two styles. 8mm focal length of 35mm full-frame models, available under the circular fish-eye effect. In addition, approximately 10mm, APS-H frame models of about 12mm and 35mm full-frame models of about 15mm focal lengths of the APS-C format models obtained diagonal fish-eye effect. As ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens, the curvature of the lens, but the lens flare and ghosting configuration and optimization of coating good inhibition. In addition, in order to reduce the oblique light glare and ghosting, using a sub-wavelength structure coating can inhibit the reflected light of the SWC. Due to fingertip frequent contacts easily dirt adheres to the most front-end and the end of the lens, anti-oil waterproof performance the excellent antifouling fluorine coating to ensure the cleanliness of the lens. Often used under severe conditions L lens body in the mirror all parts of the sealed, waterproof drops of dust to the lens itself. The lens drive not only the use of newly developed ring USM ultrasonic motor, smooth AF, corresponding to full-time manual focus.

Lens accessories

• Packing list:

Lens body x1

Front lens cap x1

After the lens cap x1

EW-77 Hood x1

LP1219 lens pouch x1

Warranty Information

• Warranty Policy: International UNPROFOR, enjoy Warranty Services

• Warranty: 1 year

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