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  • Saleholy Electronics Technology International Trade Co., Ltd,Located in Shenzhen,next to one of the world's fastest-growing area-HK. We have stable purchase channels that can provide over 5,000 kinds of consumer products. Our company cooperate Brand Electronics including Apple,Huawei,Sony,Samsung,Canon, Acer, Dell and so on in China from now on,We have cooperatewe are dedicated to providing competitive price and good quality to customers .Helping customer to find the suitable products at favorite price is our spirit. We will export the most Cheap Brand Electronics to all over the world later. 
  • Saleholy.com is a leading worldwite professional Brand Electronics Trading Company, Our Dropship service is best, we can dropship items to our customers by DHL, EMS, UPS, FEDEX, if you are interested in our Products, please place an order on line directly from our website.

  • Our advantages:

    1. Professional Manufacturer

    We possess several production bases in electronics, gathering over 3000 staff and a professional R&D team,which makes us have strong manufacturing abilities.


    2. High Service Quality

    We believe that customer service is our key work, and consistently try to exceed clients' expectations. And we have more than 6 years of precious experience in overseas export. We understand the needs of the whole market and are always in a position to provide buyers with the latest products for their different regions. Moreover, our design team is consistently developing and improving every sery, and is always on the outlook for desirable new items.

    3. High Product Quality

    Product quality standards are guaranteed. Most of our products have got CE and FCC certified,and also passed ISO 9001 international quality management sale system. They all Comes from manufacture in China. Every product has international warranty and Global version, They are famous to all over the world.

    4. Competitive price

    Our items are located in shenzhen where is the IT base of China, owning abundant raw materials and doing mass production. In this case,we can supply our customers the low price product with high quality Because the items were produced in China at the lowest cost, So that we can sell them to all over the world without any problem.

    We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all over the world. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. You will have great confidence about our products.

    5.Our Vision

    A Direct Export Platform

    We seek to provide global buyers with a one-stop service. By leveraging the latest eCommerce technologies and integrated supply chain solutions, we ensure we maintain a transparent, efficient and cost-effective operation to ensure clients gain the maximum competitive advantage.

    6.Our Mission

    We seek to maximize the value for our Partners

    By strategically integrating our resources and IT solutions, we aim to bring the maximum value to our Investors, Buyers, and Manufacturing Partners over the long term.we are dedicated to providing competitive price and good quality to our customers.Helping customer to find the suitable products at favorite price is  our spirit.

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